Adoracion Balmonte

former CARD MBA BOT Treasurer


My seven years with CARD brought many blessings and learnings to my life. I remember how my sari-sari store used to house only a few goods until I became part of CARD. Since then my business began to grow. I ventured in other line of businesses such as e-loading and direct selling.

As my income increased, I have so much that I had to share it with others. I was able to help my relatives financially and send their kids to school.

Not only CARD helped me financially, but it also taught me how to dress well, how to properly introduce myself to people, how to act accordingly, how to be smart and respectful.

I am ever grateful for the opportunities that CARD MBA has given me. With this, I have learned various and countless lessons that I will carry in this lifetime.

~ Adoracion Balmonte