Virginia Baldo

former President


Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined that I would exchange my rubber shoes, which I fondly call “goma” shoes, for business suits and leather shoes. I was just a simple person back then, until CARD MBA gave me an opportunity I would never get elsewhere.

Being the President of the Board of Trustees of CARD MBA has allowed me to see first-hand that poverty is no longer a deterrent to afford life insurance. Unlike bigger insurance companies, CARD MBA caters to classes C, D, and E. That, for us, is a huge barrier that CARD MBA was able to break. The way CARD MBA innovates their products is based on our needs, primarily considering our capacity to pay.

Being the President has also allowed me to be a representative of the millions of members of CARD MRI. Through this, I can also voice out my ideas and opinions on how CARD MBA’s products is being designed. With the growing demand to support the needs of our fellow members, there is no leeway for stagnant operations. Thus, we constantly innovate and improve to come up with better ways to help and serve the members of the association and their families.

CARD MBA has also taught me to become selfless. I learned not to expect anything in return. After tragic events and catastrophes that leave members like us with no source of living while in evacuation centers, the major objective of the relief operation is the members’ welfare. Thus, they did an assessment of affected members right away to provide immediate help. Grocery items and medicines are given for members’ immediate survival, while CARD MBA staff address volumes of claims as fast as possible.

CARD MBA will never be tired of helping other people. It will always serve its purpose to help eradicate poverty in the country. As part of CARD, I will never forget how the institution made me the person I am today.

~ Virginia Baldo