CARD MBA launches Panatag Ka during their 22nd Anniversary

Posted on September 30, 2021

In line with CARD MRI’s road to digital transformation, CARD MBA launched its Panatag Ka Application for its members and MBA coordinators during the virtual celebration of their 22nd Founding Anniversary and Microinsurance Day on September 9, 2021.

The application was developed for both members and MBA coordinators to aid them in their insurance claim transactions. The 8-24 settlement strategy is the driving force for completing the application as the 8-24 settlement strategy ensures the clients that their claims will be processed within 8 to 24 hours of filing. The application speeds up the process, providing faster services for clients.

Members of CARD MBA can now view, file, and process their claims through different features of Panatag Ka. Features such as “My Information”, “My Claims”, and “Claim History” allow its users to access various data. To make the filing of claims easier, the app boasts the features “File a Claim” and “Send Documents”. For MBA Coordinators and Unit Managers, they can now process the members’ claims through the application as well.

In his inspirational message, CARD MRI Founder and Chairman Emeritus Dr. Aristotle B. Alip emphasized the benefits of pursuing CARD MRI’s goal of digitalization, as seen on the convenience brought by Panatag Ka.

“Through the Panatag Ka application and other digital initiatives of CARD MRI, our banking and insurance transactions are as easy and as accessible as they have ever been. Bringing them to our members’ fingertips makes it easier for them to prepare for their future. With this, our goal of insuring 80 million individuals and reaching out to 20 million members by 2030 is within our reach,” Dr. Alip said on his aspirations of achieving CARD MRI’s 10-20-80 strategic direction.

CARD MRI Managing Director Aristeo A. Dequito congratulates CARD MBA for their leaps in the journey of CARD MRI’s goal of digital transformation to better serve its members. “CARD MBA is one of the country’s leading figures in the microinsurance industry. It has insured millions of Filipinos. With more than 22 million insured individuals, it is sure to increase because of how our Panatag Ka app has made microinsurance a lot easier. Their accomplishments, in line with CARD’s digitalization, have further improved our ways of bringing financial inclusion to our fellowmen,” he said in his closing remarks. 

Meanwhile, CARD MBA CEO Jocelyn D. Dequito assures their members and MBA coordinators that they can expect more from the Association as CARD MBA adapts to the changing times. “With our digital transformation and ongoing initiatives to serve our members, CARD MBA now looks forward and prepares for the next normal. We will always look for new ways to innovate to serve our members better.”

Panatag Ka is just one of CARD MBA’s digital innovations. Besides the application, the microinsurance institution launched their “E-Tanong Mo” chatbot which assists their members with their inquiries and is accessible through Facebook Messenger. For more information on CARD MBA and their products and services, please visit their Official Facebook Page @CARDMBAOfficial.